Sugar refinery waste, bagasse & pith burning

Chemical waste combustion. Thermal decomposition of raw materials i.e. Ca(NO3)2. Recover inorgancs by burning organics

Still bottoms combustion

Milk, coffee, meat & poultry production waste combustion

Bark & lumber residue etc. combustion

Ore roasting, Calcining of shale, limestone, phosphate rock etc.

Municipal primary, secondary & tertiary sewage sludge as well as garbage (R.D.F.) combustion

Oil tank bottoms & caustic waste sludge combustion

Pharmaceutical waste & Mycelium combustion

Plastics waste oxidation

Steel pickle liquor regeneration. Recovery of foundry sand. Cutting & rolling oil combustion

Pulp & Paper pulping chemical recovery from black liquor



Enders specializes in low cost fluidized bed incineration and chemical recovery systems. These systems have numerous industrial applications, but are particularly well adapted to incineration of municipal solid waste/sludge. In pulp & paper mills they are used for recovery of spent chemicals from the digester and also for calcining lime mud from the white liquor clarifier.

Fume incinerators are offered for destruction of volatile organic compounds (V.O.C's) in air while carbon adsorption systems are offered for recovery of V.O.C's

Dual stage incinerators are provided for disposal of waste paper and wood.


Single/multi-effect evaporators which operate on steam, concentrate most water solutions/slurries, in all industries from food to pollution control. Tank evaporators which operate on gas, fuel oil or electrical power, concentrate very dirty waste water (often containing oil). Reduction of waste water volume greatly reduces treatment cost.

Stills, Fractionating & Single Stage are provided for solvent recovery from sludge & other solvents.

Enders' Technology and Engineering is made available through short (single project basis) or long term license agreements with either agents or individual clients world wide. Match your need with our Know-how and complete your venture. All proposals invited.

Using proven technologies, Enders provides the above products on turn key basis, a design and equipment supply basis or a design only basis.